With the click of a shutter I am able to freeze a moment in time, preserve a family’s history, and ensure future generations will come to know their ancestors ~ Beth Forester

Having a baby will without doubt be the most special event in your life. The first few weeks after your baby’s birth are so precious, however, often the time goes by in a flash and it can be hard to remember how tiny and adorable your newborn once was. Capturing this unique time in your child’s life will be treasured for years to come. Your newborn images can be used for thank you cards, birth announcements or framed to be admired.

Similar to maternity photoshoots, I have found that when preparing for newborn shoots the same questions often arise so I’ve given you some helpful hints below:

When is the best time to have my newborn photographed?

In my experience I have found the optimum time to photograph your newborn is in the first few weeks (ideally between day 1 and 10) of life.  This is the time when your baby will sleep the most and will be most willing to pose for you. Having said that,  I am happy to photograph your newborn or baby at any stage.

How long will my newborn photoshoot take?

It is best to allow a couple of hours for the shoot, ideally straight after a feed, as this is the time when your little one will be most content and settled.

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